Sunday, September 7, 2014

Some 3 speeds

Sean sent along several bikes from the fleet.

I have something ive never seen before  till I got this one. Ive never really seen a brown Raleigh superbe  from 70's always green. This one was in bad condition when I got it. missing many parts and lots of rust. It was listed as free to a good home where it would  be reborn. I missed it. person who got it was someone I knew lol so yeah I got it and after  alot of work. here it is. Sadly it has a green superbe rack. Im having a hard time finding brown.

This is another neat one I came across. Ive never actualy seen one in person. Ive seen more RSW then these. a none folding Raleigh twenty with dyno 3 speed and 20x1 3/8 wheels. also needed alot of work its  all cleaned and greased. just waiting on rear rim and deciding on headlamp and a piece of a rack.

This is  just a 1960's CCM I got its a lovely looking ride waiting for a new home, I liked the CCM Imperials.