Sunday, August 11, 2013

Old Raleigh

This bike is undated and not even a model is identified.  Nor is the name of the sender known, other than "Neighbor Dave".  But whoever it is, they have an amazing set of pictures at their Picasa site.  The description is as follows:

i just bumped into your blg and thought my bike might interest you.
i bought it about 1 year ago and have done a fair amount of research on it resulting in a determination that it's a circa 1920's with some other prewar parts on it.
 seems someone converted the brakes from rod to cable back in the 30's, along whith a wheel conversion from 28" to 26" singlespeed flip flop rear hub, the freewheel dats to 1924 if i've done the research properly.

With the number of photos available at Picasa I decided to just show two pictures here, a before and after.

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