Sunday, August 11, 2013

Black and Tan 3 Speeds

These bikes are the oddest couple posted on this blog in recent memory.  We've got a 1950's Humber that is done up in very traditional styling.  And then we have the '54 Armstrong.  Which will have the traditionalists preparing their all caps lock responses.  But it's an amazing bike.  Mat says:

Hey there.
I enjoy your blog very much, especially the very classic machines.
I've been working on these two bikes: a 1954 Armstrong and a Humber that I believe is from the 50's (it came without wheels). I use the brown bike for commuting most every day.
I've named the black one "Not as I do" as a play on the current state of Armstrong in bicycling.
I've always wanted to see what an English Racer looked like with Deep-V's. When I got my hands on a rear wheel with a modern Sturmey Archer SX-3 fixed gear hub I was on my way. I had a front wheel made to match (red hub, black wheel, looks very vintage Hot-Rod), added some sturdy tires and and 'just-right' sized basket. It's a great feeling bike that rolls much quicker than it did with 26x1 3/8" steel wheels. I threaded a BMX cassette on so I don't have to fixed-gear it.
The brown one is such a classy ride. It came as a non-rolling frame with brakes, drivetrain, bars, but no seat or wheels. I waited around for a wheelset to come my way, added a nice fat vintage (old) Brooks saddle and of course, white tires. It's got a huge basket, a little too big actually, because I tend to overload it. The bike turns heads everywhere.
A few photos are up on flickr in the 'bikes' set. I hope you'll consider adding the bikes to your blog, please let me know if you have any questions about the builds.

Great gosh almighty.