Sunday, August 11, 2013

1971 Raleigh Sports

Owen sent this bike months ago, and it's been lost in my inbox.  His description:

Here's my 1971 Raleigh Sports, though many of the parts are from a '64. I picked up both a '71 and the '64 off the side of the road, where they were sitting with a "free" sign. The '64 was in much better condition, but the headtube was ovalized, so I transferred most of the parts onto the '71. It's definitely more of a rider than some of the amazing restorations on the blog, but it still shines. Lots of fun to ride, too.
Just noticed the bars/seat height look a little weird in the pictures. It's comfortable, though!

Here's a link to the slideshow.  Sorry for the delay, Owen!

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