Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Several old bikes

John is living the dream and working in a bike shop.  As such, he appears to be skimming the cream off the top:


I too work in a bike shop. This shop has been around since 1896 and we have a mythical "Back Room" where all kinds of bikes from the 1920's to present day can be found waiting better days. I have included 3 of the most notable "rescues" from our beloved room of doom. First is an 80's(?) vintage Bianchi 3 speed mixte. It is unique because of its. 700c wheels, but also because of the internal wiring for the generator lights as well as it's aluminum fenders. I ride this one most days.

The second on is a 1969 Hercules 3 speed. It was traded in (cause we are a used shop) and I rescued it before it could get buried in the back room. All stock except for the cable stops. Those ALWAYS seem to go missing. I plan on cleaning it up and posting some more pics when it is ready, as it sits it rides shifts and brakes beautifully!

The third on is also a 69, it is a Schwinn Speedster with a 2 speed Bendix Kick back hub. It also came in on a trade and I traded the owner a nicely restored 75 Raleigh Sports Ladies in Moss Green for it. Not a 3 speed but close enough. It is missing the fenders and the rear wheel has a bad hop in it but it is waiting better days.

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