Wednesday, November 28, 2012


Adam from New Jersey sends in some mystery bikes:

Hello, my name is Adam and I am a huge fan of bikes! I'm 36, so my orginal passion was getting into 80's freestyle bikes that my friends and I all wanted as kids.  I build them for myself and I also build lowrider bikes that I usually sell.  Recently word has gotten out about my hobby now everyone and the mother is asking me questions and trying to sell me stuff!  I have recently gotten into some older 3 speeds.  The reason I am telling you all this is because I don't want you to think that I am contacting you just to ask, "yo how much is my bike worth?" I don't care about that.  I already bought them and think I got a pretty good deal.  Like I said, I don't really know anything about three-speeds though and I found the three speed gallery page while trying to do some research on these two bikes.
   A local scrapper knocked on my door asking, "I heard you buy bikes?" (my wonderful neighbor sent him my way!).  I said, "yeah, let me see what you got." He's an older guy and said the bikes belonged to his mom and dad.  They are matching blue his and her three speeds.  I was wondering if you could help me out with some history on them.  I've attached a few photos.  The woman's says "grantsport" and the man's says "Grants" on the headtubes.  My guess is that they were made for a department store? Like Free Spirit was sold for Sears.
   If anything I hope you enjoy the photos and I've found a new sight to enjoy!

The always fabulous has some basic info:

These were sold by W.T. Grant or Grant City stores. The chain went out of business in 1975. Grant's was sort of a cross between a 5 & 10 store and an early K-Mart. They disappeared about the time that K-Mart's started popping up. K-Mart had originated from Grant's main competitor Kresge, and probably was one of the main contributors to there demise.

If anybody else has additional info, add it in the comments.

Several old bikes

John is living the dream and working in a bike shop.  As such, he appears to be skimming the cream off the top:


I too work in a bike shop. This shop has been around since 1896 and we have a mythical "Back Room" where all kinds of bikes from the 1920's to present day can be found waiting better days. I have included 3 of the most notable "rescues" from our beloved room of doom. First is an 80's(?) vintage Bianchi 3 speed mixte. It is unique because of its. 700c wheels, but also because of the internal wiring for the generator lights as well as it's aluminum fenders. I ride this one most days.

The second on is a 1969 Hercules 3 speed. It was traded in (cause we are a used shop) and I rescued it before it could get buried in the back room. All stock except for the cable stops. Those ALWAYS seem to go missing. I plan on cleaning it up and posting some more pics when it is ready, as it sits it rides shifts and brakes beautifully!

The third on is also a 69, it is a Schwinn Speedster with a 2 speed Bendix Kick back hub. It also came in on a trade and I traded the owner a nicely restored 75 Raleigh Sports Ladies in Moss Green for it. Not a 3 speed but close enough. It is missing the fenders and the rear wheel has a bad hop in it but it is waiting better days.