Sunday, October 28, 2012

1971 Hercules

John in Texas sends along a nice 1971 Hercules.

Wanted to share with you my 1971 Hercules.  Got it off Craigslist from a student who was going overseas, and it was pretty much as basket case when I got it.  He was asking too much, and as I walked away, he said 20 dollars, so I took it.  Took some time contemplating what to do with this mess of a bike, and finally decided to fix it up.  First cleaned off the multiple layers of grime and then rebuilt the bottom bracket, new crank cotters, new tires, tubes, rim strips.  As I progressed along, I was getting pleased with the look.  The rear fender (mudguard for us purists) posed a challenge as it left a huge gap between the tire and fender.  Played around with the fender stays, but was convinced they were not original, so I ground them down and re-drilled the mounting holes.  Found a NOS box of rear fender clips on eBay, and this solved the problem.  Do not know why, but I flipped the North Road bars for a sleeker look and found some vintage looking grips.  Needed a new fulcrum and fulcrum clip to make it shift correctly.  All in all, spent too much, more than the thing is worth, but it was fun!!!

I only attached a couple of pictures of the finished product, but at John's flickr page there are multiple photos of the bike in it's original condition and through the tear-down and rebuild process.  Worth a trip over to see them all.