Sunday, August 26, 2012

1969 Robin Hood

From Vince:
Anyhow, these are photos of my 1969 Robin Hood bicycle that I recently purchased off Craigslist. The price wasn't exactly a bargain, especially for this part of the country. But when I saw the condition it was in, combined with the fact that it's a 23" frame, I decided it was worth it. I doubt that this bike was ridden much at all. It looks nearly new. The Sturmey-Archer hub dates the bike to 1969 and there's a 1970 bicycle license sticker on the frame. The decals and paint are pristine, except for a few minor scuffs here and there. The Brooks mattress saddle is in great shape. It even has the original Dunlop tires. There's also a sticker on the bike from the shop that originally sold it -- Hall Bicycle Company in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. I searched on the name and amazingly, this store has been in business for over 100 years and is still open. The only problem is that this bike is so nice, I almost hate to ride it. I think it will be a fair-weather back-up bike to my Raleigh Sports. Vince
Here's a link to the photos:

1968 Sears

From Jeff:
While working in a customers garage I chanced to look up, and see a bicycle in the rafters. I asked if he rode the bike often to which he answered. Not in years. He asked me if I had any idea what it was, and when I answered that I thought it looked like a late 60's- early 70's sears, he said it's yours. I told him that I could not accept it for free so he asked me for twenty dollars. It is a 1968 Sears All Original, and complete except for the pump. With the bike I also received the original bill of sale, owners manual, and parts list for both bicycle, and hub. The man was thrilled the next day when I let him know that I rode it for two hours the night I brought it home. It is a smooth ride, and the bell works great!

Sunday, August 12, 2012

Undated Raleigh

Mark sends another bike, one that he found at an estate sale. I'm normally not a fan of brown bikes, but I like this one. It almost looks like root beer. From Mark:
Thought I would share another find - I picked this up for my sister to ride after her bike was stolen. It apparently came from an estate sale and was complete with original bag, some tools, a combo lock (that thankfully was open so I could figure out what the combination was), and an original mileage counter on the front wheel. The bike looked grimy and old when I got it but like all Raleighs responded extremely well to some elbow grease. Only expenditure was new tires and tubes......hope your followers like this one....