Sunday, April 29, 2012

1979 Schwinn Collegiate3

This blog caters mainly to English 3-speeds, I think mainly because that is what people are interested in restoring. Unfortunately, this means some of the nice American 3 speeds get short shrift. I'm a Schwinn fan, and glad to see that Doug sent along photos of his Collegiate3.

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Our latest submission comes from The Great White North.
Hi, I'm an English lit doctoral student at the University of Toronto, with a penchant for 1960s vintage items. I've just purchased this gorgeous Raleigh from a guy in Toronto, ON. When I saw it on the porch in person from the street, I immediately thought it was from the 1960s. I'd be interested if anyone could date the bike more nearly than I've done. The photos were taken by the man who sold it to me, Mr. Boris Rabkin. Cheers, Elizabeth
As many, but not all, 3-speeders know the age of a 3 speed can most reliably be determined by looking at the hub. There will be a two digit number stamped into the shell that indicate which year the bike was manufactured. Of course, if the wheel is ever removed and replaced this method becomes unreliable. Good luck, Elizabeth!