Tuesday, June 7, 2011

1973 Raleigh Esquire

Mark sends along pictures of his 1973 Raleigh Esquire.

This isn't anywhere near original. Everything has been rebuilt and or
updated as necessary. This is my grocery getter. I use this bicycle
to transport stuff. It is my favorite bike and I get more comments
about this bike than all the others combined.

The story I got, about this bike, was that it was bought in England.
That someone here in the US was stationed there and that there were no
cars allowed on the base. So they bought this bicycle used it for
transportation and brought it back with them.

It may not be anywhere near original, but it's quite a looker. Many more pictures available at picasa.

Monday, June 6, 2011

1961 Sports & 1954 Dunelt

Patrick in Minneapolis has an embarrassment of riches to share. He has submitted photos of not one but two lovely three speeds. The first is a 1961 Raleigh Sports and the second is a 1964 Dunelt. Patrick says:

I stumbled upon your website and wanted to contribute some pictures of my own. I have a 1961 Raleigh Sports and a 1954 Dunelt. Both nearly original, and both in great condition. I come from a Schwinn background, so when I bought these I was blown away at how much....better, for lack of..better word, they rode, felt, were made, and just look. I love them to pieces and ride them whenever the sun peeks through the clouds. Thanks again, and I enjoy the site very much! :)

Patrick isn't kidding when he says' they both look to be in great condition. Links to these beautiful bikes on Flickr are below:
1961 Raleigh Sports

1954 Dunelt

1965 Savoy

Mike sends along some photos of a lovely looking 1965 Savoy two speed. His description states:

Beautiful Royal Blue Savoy with bright chrome work came with Shimano’s ‘333’ series shifting set up unfortunately was not working.
Found a Sachs-Huret that was slightly larger in diameter but worked out right in the end.
New Michelin World Tour tires EA-3 (26 x 1 3/8) give it such a smooth ride
Grip Shift , Cherry stop brakes, Full fenders, and super nice factory decals – who could ask for anything more?
Mike P , New Brunswick N.J.

Skydrive link

Unfortunately I couldn't download the pictures for saving here without registering for Windows Live, so please follow the link. Apologies for any inconvenience.