Monday, February 14, 2011

1961 Humber Special

A two-for one post for Valentine's Day. For all you 3-speed lovers. Only one photo, but the narrative makes up for it.

While riding my 1970 Phillips in West Philadelphia, I saw this bicycle and took a pause. It's a 1961 Humber Sports. It's a post-Tube Investments buyout model, so it doesn't have the wild double fork blades of the truly old Humbers. The shifter cable is a replacement - the long length of housing wasn't trimmed down when it was taken out of the package. The brake cables are original. The calipers take double-ended fixed-length cables.

When I'm walking around or riding my bicycle, I notice this type of thing. Ten years ago, seeing an old three speed in this area was much more common. I would often see multiple Sturmey-equipped machines parked on the same block. Nowadays they're not exactly scarce, but a sighting is a noteworthy event. (Noteworthy to me - but I've been noting these bicycles to myself for a long time now).

Sorry about the junk-quality photo. I didn't want some girl to see me molesting her bicycle.

1973 Coffee Sports

1973 Coffee Sports

Darrell from Illinois sends some pictures of a very pristine looking 1973 Raleigh Sports. He says:

Mr. Bean is my third Raleigh Sports. I bought the bike on eBay from a gentleman in Massachusetts. It was in pretty nice condition when I received it, but I went over the bike completely to assure its mechanical condition. I cleaned the bottom bracket and headset and replaced all the ball bearings throughout. I bought a NOS Sturmey Archer Dyno Hub and laced it into a stock steel rim and wired it to a vintage Miller headlight. For comfort, I put on a new Brooks Flyer Special in Brown to complement the bike’s color. A Pletscher rack was added to the back for small packages or a trunk bag. I’m looking forward to a nice ride when I take Mr. Bean to the Lake Pepin Three Speed Tour this year.

73 Sports with Nigel Symthe Bag

This bike will be a welcome addition to the Lake Pepin Tour. Thanks Darryll!

Tuesday, February 8, 2011


Mike sent this picture of himself and an old Hercules.

He's a little scant on details about the bike, but did include this bit of wisdom:

The Three Speed Gallery is the coolest blog on the internet. You can be sure that I am a credible source because of my glasses. Here is a picture of me hovering over a Hercules. The Sturmey Archer hub is lubricated with peanut oil as per the instructions of George Washington Carver.

Sounds credible to me.

Monday, February 7, 2011

1970 Phillips

Chris from Philadelphia took his 1970 Phillips out for a snowy ride in what has been a very snowy winter for most of the northern half of the U.S. I'm not sure if I'm horrified by the prospect of a lovely old steed getting exposed to the rust-causing elements or if I'm delighted by a lovely old steed getting some good, hard use after 40 years.

Thanks for the pics, Chris!