Monday, January 18, 2010

1972 and 1973 Raleigh Sports

I was in your shop last week to get new tires for my bike. Here's some pictures of our Raleigh Sports. As near as I can tell, they are both late '72-early '73 bikes, judging by the serial numbers. They were both Craigslist finds.

We wanted to ride bikes for fun and excercise, and the junky, uncomfortable mountain bikes we had weren't much fun to ride. After some cleaning, lubing, tires, tubes, and new brake pads, the bikes were on the road. I fitted the Pletscher racks and set them up with baskets and saddlebags. I fit a 20T cog for my wife, and tried a 21T cog on mine to ease the gearing. I've been riding my bike to work 2-4 days a week for the past six months.

We're already looking forward to the 2010 Lake Pepin Three Speed tour.

1954 Raleigh Sportster

heres a 1954 raliegh sportster 3 spd which my friend gave me,it was his grandads,who bought it new from a raliegh dealer in cockburn street,edinburgh,the frame still has the sticker on the frame,it has a 53 dated hub but i believe its a 54 as half chaingaurd and no red pinstripes on mudgaurds,it also has a smiths aftermarket speedo,hub gear driven which needs a new cable,apart from that rides as good as new...bruce

Gold 69 Raleigh and 79 Typhoon

Here are some pics of my cherished 3 speeds. The gold one is a 1969 Raleigh Sports "All-Gold Edition" in beautiful un-restored original condition. The tires and seat are new but everything else is as it was in 1969. The seat is a new Brooks Leather Saddle. Fitting to the bike. We have a Raleigh dealer here in Asheville that has been in business since 1896 (yes 1896) so the local yard sales are always turning up old Raleigh's. The Schwinn is a 1979 Schwinn Typhoon. It is my daily rider. It has new Sturmey-Archer hubs with drum brakes front and rear, laced to some modern alloy 26" rims. The front hub has a dynamo built in and the lights are 1960's Royce Union 6V 3w set. The front sprocket is a 28 tooth (and if you have ever been to Asheville NC you would know why.........) Love your site and keep up the great work.

1972 Columbia Tourist Expert III

This is my 1972 Columbia Tourist Expert III. The "Expert" series had 27" wheels which makes it a bit interesting for a 3 speed.

The hub is the typical Sturmey Archer AW. Wheels are Rigida SuperChromix, and the brakes are alloy Weinmann 810s.

David G.