Friday, September 11, 2009

Gary's German 3-speed

I thought I'd share the newest addition to my 3 speed bicycle collection, a 1971 dated 3 speed made in Germany
with a Sturmey Archer 3 speed rear hub and shifter. I brought the bike home as shown in the pictures, having done nothing to it at this point. The paint is almost flawless, no noticeable rust and the chrome shines brightly. The only
issue that is apparent is a brocken plastic fulcrum for the shift cable, an easy repair.

The brand of brakes are unknown to me; Altenberger Brillant. The tires, Continental white walls in size 26" x 1-3/8", state they were made in Germany and appear to be original to the bike. The crank set, stem and handle bars and aluminum fenders have no markings that I have found. The SA hub is dated 71 as the year and 7 as the month; July of 1971.

The decals on the bike have not provided me with a definate answer as to its brand or model. Is it a Sport 70 Super Deluxe or a Super Deluxe Sport 70? Perhaps someone seeing these pictures can shed some light on this bike for me.

My current plans are to dismantle the bike to the frame, clean and polish, replace if necessary and relube all bearings,
replace all cables and housings, replace tubes, replace the tires with suitable white wall tires, [keeping the originals] and to adjust the SA hub if needed and lube, and reassemble. Oh yeah, clean and polish. Ride like it was meant to be!!

More photos here.

O'Fallon, MO

John's Schwinns

There seems to be a shortage of Schwinns on the site. By reading I've learned a lot about Raleighs and their ilk, but to me the Schwinns are just plain prettier. I think the site needs some color; hope my lightweight three speed Schwinns add some.

The blue Speedster is from 1977 and Lincoln, Nebraska. It was very clean; it seemed to have hung in a garage for most of its life but one year. The head and bottom bracket were completely frozen and just needed a good cleaning and greasing - easy on a Schwinn.

The red Racer is a 1968 and from suburban Denver. It had been used and had more modern brake pads. Well taken care of and ready to ride, I got it last November.

Of course these have Sturmey-Archers three speeds and 26 inch Schwinn steel rims.

Maybe the Raleighs have something going for them; they're classic British and certainly designed for serious adult usage. But Schwinns have wonderful, bright colors; are pretty durable themselves with unique electro-forged frames; are examples of proud Chicago manufacturing and German heritage so I like them best.

- John / Cheyenne -

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

1961 JC Higgins

I've really enjoyed your blog, so I thought I'd share my project.

This is a 1961 JC Higgins...actually my first bike that I remember picking out of the Sears catalog as an eight year old. It had been hanging in my folks' garage for over 40 years.

It's made in Austria by Steyr/Puch, with a JC HIggins branded Austrian 3 spd. hub. The frame is fully lugged with 3 piece cottered cranks.

This is the bike that I first cut my cycling teeth on; it took me to school, delivered papers, and eventually took me on several century rides. The last time I rode it, I had obviously outgrown it, as shown by my attempts to turn it into a racing bike. It eventually gave way to sexier thoroughbreds, but you never forget your first.

Plans are to return it to it's former glory with the original upright touring bars and chrome fenders it came with, along with the distinctive JC Higgins crank. I'm still missing the chainguard, head tube badge and front "ratrap" carrier. If anyone has a lead on those items, let me know! I'll send more photos as work progresses.

John from Bellingham, WA