Friday, June 20, 2008

1961 Ranger

The date code on the S-A hub is 61. I put it on the C&V forum on Bike Forums and responders have suggested that it is a rebranded Hercules or Phillips. The guy at the fleamarket said it was a very good bike and was "made in France," as clearly indicated on the top tube where it reads "Made in England." Elsewhere on the bike are the words "Genuine English Light Weight." There's a cowboy on the badge.

I'm planning on cleaning it up next weekend and maybe even driving it to work.

Savannah, Georgia

1963 ladies Dunelt

From the owner of this bike:
I've just finished fixing up a 1963 Dunelt 3 speed womens' bike (black). Works well, except for the twist shifter, which is a little rough. I suppose I could change it over to a trigger type. If my wife rides it much at all I'll probably put new tires/tubes on it.
Found the bike behind the dumpster at 8100 Knox in Bloomington. They redid their parking lot and got rid of all the bikes left unclaimed and chained to signposts in the lot. There was a nice Free Spirit mens 3 speed also but it was still chained to two other and in a pile of about a dozen bikes, you know how they can get tangled up when piled that way. The Dunelt was on the outside of the pile and when I was looking at it the maintenence man came along and said I could take anything I wanted. I quietly pushed that baby away, got it in the car and after about 4 hours of work it's ready to go, my wife will love it.

Minneapolis, Minnesota