Sunday, July 29, 2012

1975 Huffy Sun Country pair

From John in Central Ohio:
Restoration work on Huffy Sun Country 3 speed bikes from 1975. The pair was surprisingly intact for 35-plus year old bikes. Rebuild was accomplished with all original parts save for tires, tubes, cable and pedals. These American-made bikes are every bit as much fun to restore & ride as their English counterparts *and* much more reasonably priced for American hobbyists (as in $15.00 each!).
John has a full set on flickr, should you wish to see more. The restoration was done very well, from what I can see.

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Todd Morris said...

Beautiful! Would love to hear some tips on how to get the rims and spokes looking so nice again, apart from re-chroming. I've got a matched set of AMF roadmasters with rims that look about that bad, i havent started on yet. Any ideas?