Saturday, June 30, 2012

Schwinn Traveller

Jon sends another Schwinn, this one comes with a great story.
Attached are a couple of photos of my Schwinn Traveler (or 'mine' until a week ago). This showed up at a rummage sale at our church, along with a metallic green women's Traveler, same vintage, 1966- I should have snagged the women's too. 1966 marked the last year for the three-speed Traveler, virtually identical to the first ones right around 1951. It is in remarkably complete, clean, excellent condition, with original Wald rat-trap carrier, add-on basket, Miller lights and rear seat bag, which Travelers rarely ever still have; I added the "Schwinn" Stewart-Warner speedo. I loved riding it, but my inseam is about 34" (look at how high the seat is) and it always felt a bit small for me, so I just sold it to my mechanic, Mr. Sullivan, who has lusted for it since day one. I know it has gone to a good and worthy home, and that he will obsess over its care and condition just as much as I did.

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SeattleO said...

Wow, that's nice! Looks perfect!