Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Huffy Baypointe

From John in central Ohio, a rare Huffy submission to the blog. But it's a 3-speed, so it's family. John provided some basic details of the rebuild process:
Huffy Baypointe (Bay Pointe) 3-speed. Shimano 3S hub. 100% original. Purchased from grandson of original owner. All the bike needed was a teardown, cleaning, lubrication, reassembly and polishing. Bike now has an updated XLC-brand comfort saddle (versus original Persons mattress saddle), Bell ergonomic grips and a Sunlite copy of Pletscher rear carrier rack.
He also provided photos of the fully disassembled bike, which may be a first.


Ruthie said...

looks like my bicycle that my neighbor is checking out the damages of time and wear for me.

Garden Guy said...

I have this exact bike in a ladies model. Would love to know the value of it for curiosity sake.

loubapache said...

I have this exact same bike with the yellow Persons seat. The Shimano "3S" IGH shifts really smooth.

Tam said...

Wat year is this bike I have one need tires an tubes