Tuesday, May 29, 2012

1978 Schwinn Breeze

Lee sends along two bikes. I'm posting the second first, for reasons that escape me. Lee says:
Then in the fall of 2011, I found this 1978 Schwinn Breeze with the same SA AW 3 speed rear hub as my Raleigh as I perused the Memphis Craigslist. Something about the gentle curve of the step-through frame in Schwinn's Flamboyant Red caught my eye. Wanting a bike for my wife, I went and looked at it and decided that I was up to the cleaning challenge once again. I knew the rust could be mostly removed from what I was sure would be some beautiful, chrome fenders. The wheels, however, would prove more challenging but I think she cleaned up very nicely for a girl in her mid-thirties. The only history I know about this bike is the original owner's son said it had been his mother's daily driver to her factory job for several years until the plant closed. At that point the Breeze was left dormant in the back corner of the carport/garage where the majority of the weathering was on the bottom of both wheels, one crank, and the kick stand. Maybe it is just me, but I think she is quite a looker and seems very petite when next to the DL-1.
Lee also includes a link to many more photos of this lovely bike.

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