Sunday, April 29, 2012

1979 Schwinn Collegiate3

This blog caters mainly to English 3-speeds, I think mainly because that is what people are interested in restoring. Unfortunately, this means some of the nice American 3 speeds get short shrift. I'm a Schwinn fan, and glad to see that Doug sent along photos of his Collegiate3.


Mike said...

A friend recently bought a 79 Collegiate in bright green. I'm intrigued by the fenders. My guess was Schwinn had a bunch of those short ones lying around from the Krate series of Sting-Rays and slapped them on the Collegiates for a while. They seem too short to work.

Doug said...

My daughter is going to school in Northern California with a women's version of this bike and has assured my that they don't work - so you are correct. However, here in Southern California they seem to work fine :) I think this is why they changed the name to Collegiate "Sport"

Kai Huppmann said...

where are these beautiful fenders from?