Tuesday, December 20, 2011

1975 Schwinn Speedster

Time for a nice change of pace. Instead of the usual English models, Kevin sends some pictures of a 1975 Schwinn Speedster with a 3 speed hub. This one is his "daily driver" and gets used on a regular basis. There's something unique about a bike that gets ridden a lot, it just shows through. And I've got a soft spot for vintage Schwinns. Kevin says of the bike:

I recently acquired a 1975 Schwinn Speedster with a 1973
Sturmey Archer 3-speed hub. The bike featured a Schwinn approved rack
that had a basket attached, but I broke the rack on the second day of
ownership by overloading the basket. Not wanting the bike to lose the
additional charm that the rack & basket combo provided, I dug through
the used parts at the local bike CO-OP until I found a suitable
replacement rack. Then it was a simple matter of drilling a couple
holes in order to attach the basket.

The bottle generator and headlight still worked when I found the bike,
but the original tail light was broken, so I ordered a new one. My
commute home takes me down a big hill, and I'm pretty sure that front
lamp looks like a motorcycle headlight when I'm coasting at 30+ mph.

You might have noticed the front chain ring looks small. That's
because I swapped the original 44t chain ring for a 36t. That changed
the original gear range, which was around 50~90 gear inches, to 40~75
gear inches. It's made the bike much more versatile in a city that has
very uneven terrain. Since I finished fixing up this bike, I've been
logging about 50 miles per week on it, just from commuting, getting
groceries, and generally cruising around town. The only downside to
this bike, for me, is that it uses the 37-597 sized wheels. Only one
company makes tires (they come in black or gumwall) and there are no
options for tread pattern, whitewall, studs, and so on. My next goal
for this bike might be to retrofit some 37-590s onto it.

Thanks Kevin!


Mark said...

Nice bike!

Kevin B said...

I should have mentioned the brake levers in my original email. I replaced the old brake cable and housing for the rear brake, and while I was at it, I moved that brake lever to a more comfortable position for my hand. When I took the photos, I hadn't done the front one yet, so it's still in it's original position.

adventure! said...

Nice one. A bit surprised that it has a S-A hub vs. Shimano, as I thought Schwinn pretty much switched over to the 333 hub by then.

Yeah, the ISO 597 Schwinn-specific rims are a pain in the ass. When I owned Schwinns with that wheel size the tire selection was mediocre, mediocre, or mediocre. Switching to ISO 590 would open up more options.

brother yam said...

Oh my. I had one of those back in the day and in that color. Some jerk stole it when I had it parked in front of the drug store in 1977.

I miss that bike...

milky said...

That's what im talking about!

classic restoration

LBJ said...

I am trying to change the back tire on my schwinn. I can't figure how to detach the gear cable in order to get the back wheel off.

SM Blogger said...
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