Monday, November 21, 2011

Raleigh Wayfarer

Shawn sends lots of links for pictures of his Raleigh Wayfarer. It's a nice looking bicycle, and it's been outfitted for daily use with some nice upgrades. Though it remains true to the style and the era in most, if not all, of the changes.

Hey there!

Love the Three Speed Gallery site. I've been meaning to submit my
bicycle for awhile, but I've only now gotten around to it!

I bought a Raleigh Wayfarer Raleigh for $30 off of Craigslist in
December of 2010 and had to go to darkest East Vancouver, Wash. to
obtain. It's a classic British 3-Speed from the 1970's. I can't find
much info about this particular model on the internets, though. I
spent a lot of energy and some money restoring and updating it. Now it
is my primary "everyday" city bike. I love this bike!

Here are photos on my flickr page:

Here is more info and writings on my blog:

thanks for your time.


It's a great looking bike, and $30 may never have been as well spent.

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