Monday, November 28, 2011

1956 Standard

Mark is back again, this time with pictures of his wife's bike (and his wife). He's also done his homework on this bike, as it not only comes with photos but a brief history lesson:

The Standard Cycle Company Ltd of Birmingham was one of the oldest bicycle companies in England - they started in the late 1890s in the hotbed cycling centre of Birmingham/Coventry. They were quite the going concern through the decades until 1965, when in October the company was absorbed by the Swift Cycle Company (of the same area). There is little information available online about the company, but they appeared to make quality bicycles.

Here is an ad from 1931:

and another from 1962:

Here's a shot of the company logo:

My wife's bike is apparently their "stock in trade": the Model K - traditional English roadster: frame is "bondarized" against rust, fittings are mostly Brampton and Nicklin, and overall the quality of the ride is excellent......The bike is mostly original; the exceptions are that the front wheel was replaced prior to our ownership, the seat post has been replaced by a modern alloy (mostly so I could raise the seat so I could ride it). Other than that its pretty much as it was when it left the factory in 1956. My wife and I love riding together as it seems 3 speeds have the same effect as motorcycle sidecars: everyone smiles, waves, says hello as you ride by, with that lovely "tick-tick-tick" of the SA hubs to keep you company.....

Parting shot:

We thank Mark for sharing, and hope he won't be in trouble for submitting a photo of his wife's backside...


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johnggold said...

I have just acquired a 1950s ladies cycle. I thought it was a Raleigh, as it is so similar to a Raleigh that I am currently restoring, but when I started to clean it up, the Standard Cycle Badge was revealed.

It is a large dark Blue K on a light blue background, with dark blue reversed lettering top and bottom.

I am assuming that most of the parts are Raleigh, but I would like to know more before I start. The front wheel looks a different axle type, and I think the chainguard is slightly different.

I am interested in any manufacturing information, dating database, etc.