Monday, July 25, 2011


While I'm more partial to English 3 speeds, this is the Old Three-Speed Gallery, not the Olde English Three-Speed Gallery. Plus, this bike is unique enough to warrant being here, even if it was "English only."

Mike says

I'm a 3 speed lover, but found this French Metropole and couldn't pass it up - trouble is, I can't find anything about it. Best guesses for the age are late forties, early fifties based on the components. The seat and pedals are German, and the shifters are Cyclo and Simplex. It has a neat VDO spedometer in kilometers, as well. The only thing missing on the bike that concerns me is the taillamp lens.

Anything you've seen before? Thanks for your time!

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DiĆ³ said...

hello, could you send me more photos of this beautiful Metropole? thank you