Wednesday, July 6, 2011


Pat comes to the 3 Speed Blog with a plea for help:

I cant figure this one out nor can I find ANY info of it online. I bought this last week. Great shape overall. Rear Sturmey Archer hub showss 55 2. It says Earlsdon on the seat tube and made in Netherlands on top tube. Brake calipers have cursive writing that says Brilliant. Here are the photos the seller provided. I can take more. I couldnt pass this one up for 80 bucks. It just looked so unique and I have never heard of it. Feel free to post it on the site. Maybe someone else might know some info on it?

What say you, 3 Speed Bloggers? Anyone? Bueller?


Richard said...

cool looking bike that im sure will provide a lot more miles in its life. Richard from Amish Stories

John McCann said...

Juncker was the big bicycle manufacturer in Apeldoorn... ultimately acquired by Gazelle. This bike may have come out of the Juncker plant. Brillant caliper brakes are from German manufacturer, Augenburger.

John McCann said...

Ooops! That's Altenburger brakes: