Tuesday, June 7, 2011

1973 Raleigh Esquire

Mark sends along pictures of his 1973 Raleigh Esquire.

This isn't anywhere near original. Everything has been rebuilt and or
updated as necessary. This is my grocery getter. I use this bicycle
to transport stuff. It is my favorite bike and I get more comments
about this bike than all the others combined.

The story I got, about this bike, was that it was bought in England.
That someone here in the US was stationed there and that there were no
cars allowed on the base. So they bought this bicycle used it for
transportation and brought it back with them.

It may not be anywhere near original, but it's quite a looker. Many more pictures available at picasa.


Oldmanfinn said...

Wow great bike. What model B&M light are you using with your Dynohub. Great combo

Richard said...

Nice looking bike, im a very big Schwinn fan though. Richard from the Amish community of Lebanon,pa

David said...

That is a very serious object of bike lust. Fantastic looking bike