Monday, June 6, 2011

1961 Sports & 1954 Dunelt

Patrick in Minneapolis has an embarrassment of riches to share. He has submitted photos of not one but two lovely three speeds. The first is a 1961 Raleigh Sports and the second is a 1964 Dunelt. Patrick says:

I stumbled upon your website and wanted to contribute some pictures of my own. I have a 1961 Raleigh Sports and a 1954 Dunelt. Both nearly original, and both in great condition. I come from a Schwinn background, so when I bought these I was blown away at how much....better, for lack of..better word, they rode, felt, were made, and just look. I love them to pieces and ride them whenever the sun peeks through the clouds. Thanks again, and I enjoy the site very much! :)

Patrick isn't kidding when he says' they both look to be in great condition. Links to these beautiful bikes on Flickr are below:
1961 Raleigh Sports

1954 Dunelt

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