Monday, April 11, 2011

1972 Raleigh Sports

I've been a little remiss in my admin duties, and have left Bill's 1972 Raleigh Sports in my inbox for a few days now. Bill says

I‘ve been researching old bikes and found your gallery and I really appreciate he great stories and pictures of vintage bikes. I’m a 69 year old cyclist and have been riding since high school, I ride all types of old and new bikes. A friend gave me this 1972 Raleigh Sport that had been under his house for the last 20 years. I got looking at it and decided to fix it up so here is what it looks like. I know I might have de-valued it by painting it, bit it’s mainly “garage art” for me.

Some folks may think it's devalued, but here at the Old 3 Speed Blog any bike that is fixed up and used is valued in the truest sense of the word. Thanks for sharing, Bill.

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