Thursday, March 3, 2011

1956 Speedwell

I'm sad to say these images have been languishing in my inbox for a couple of weeks now. James from Australia submitted pictures of his 1956 Speedwell (Australian brand manufactured by Malvern Star)for your appreciation. I personally am not familiar with the Speedwell badge, but it looks like a bike worthy of the Old Three-Speed Gallery.

James also has an excellent write up of the bike, along with more photos, at Perth Vintage Cycles. A great looking bike with a great story. Thanks James!


The Jackal said...

Nice job on the Speedwell however, a bit of info on the brand is required, far from being a Malvern Star product, Speedwell were more like the opposition in the Aussie market place, somewhat like Ford and GM Holden in the car world. The label was distinct and different from the British Speedwell also. Appreciate your blog so much great memories and old bikes kept alive, they are so much better and more stylish than the urksome craftless modern stuff. Can anyone help with Williams chain ring bolts or replacement BB Oiler Cups ?

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