Monday, February 14, 2011

1973 Coffee Sports

1973 Coffee Sports

Darrell from Illinois sends some pictures of a very pristine looking 1973 Raleigh Sports. He says:

Mr. Bean is my third Raleigh Sports. I bought the bike on eBay from a gentleman in Massachusetts. It was in pretty nice condition when I received it, but I went over the bike completely to assure its mechanical condition. I cleaned the bottom bracket and headset and replaced all the ball bearings throughout. I bought a NOS Sturmey Archer Dyno Hub and laced it into a stock steel rim and wired it to a vintage Miller headlight. For comfort, I put on a new Brooks Flyer Special in Brown to complement the bike’s color. A Pletscher rack was added to the back for small packages or a trunk bag. I’m looking forward to a nice ride when I take Mr. Bean to the Lake Pepin Three Speed Tour this year.

73 Sports with Nigel Symthe Bag

This bike will be a welcome addition to the Lake Pepin Tour. Thanks Darryll!


Mike said...

Beautiful bike. It gives me lots of ideas for my 1971 coffee Superbe.

What tires are those? I've looked high and low for satisfactory tires for my Raleighs.

Cap said...

Nice bike for sure!...just thinking how good it would look with leather grips to match that Brooks saddle. Thanx for sharing your whip/pics.

SlyRed said...


The tires on Mr. Bean are Panaracer Col de la Vie Randonnee 650A (26x 1 3/8). I like them very much. Probably came from Harris Cyclery.

SlyRed said...


Thanks for the nice words. I'll look at some leather grips. I think Cardiff makes some that are a good match.