Monday, February 14, 2011

1961 Humber Special

A two-for one post for Valentine's Day. For all you 3-speed lovers. Only one photo, but the narrative makes up for it.

While riding my 1970 Phillips in West Philadelphia, I saw this bicycle and took a pause. It's a 1961 Humber Sports. It's a post-Tube Investments buyout model, so it doesn't have the wild double fork blades of the truly old Humbers. The shifter cable is a replacement - the long length of housing wasn't trimmed down when it was taken out of the package. The brake cables are original. The calipers take double-ended fixed-length cables.

When I'm walking around or riding my bicycle, I notice this type of thing. Ten years ago, seeing an old three speed in this area was much more common. I would often see multiple Sturmey-equipped machines parked on the same block. Nowadays they're not exactly scarce, but a sighting is a noteworthy event. (Noteworthy to me - but I've been noting these bicycles to myself for a long time now).

Sorry about the junk-quality photo. I didn't want some girl to see me molesting her bicycle.

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