Monday, November 22, 2010

1968 Raleigh Sports

Joe sent photos of his 1968 Raleigh Sports with this note:

1968 Raleigh Sports given to me by my son. This bike slowly accumulated all its parts from here and there. It was missing a chain guard for a long time. I was fortunate to come across a Raleigh parts bike on CraigsList for $40 that had just about everything I needed, including the Heron headlamp bracket. The best part is a Brooks leather saddle that is contemporary with the bike, although I don't see one like it in Brooks catalogs, so it may be a discontinued model.

His Flickr set shows some of the transformation of this bike from mismatched to magnificent. Go see them:


Thanks for the pics, Joe.


Boston • Paris • New York said...

I've since found an old Brooks catalog that lists the "two coil mattress saddle". I note that in later years Brooks used vinyl covers on these, however I can attest mine has a leather cover. This husky saddle, with its steel frame, seat springs and rear coil springs, weighs a ton compared to modern repros!


coastkid said...

That looks just like my 1954 model, mine has a brown Brooks B66,
shows Raleigh must have made the same reliable bike for years!