Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Sears 3-Speed

Sears 3 three-speed. I need to put the front fender back on once it is cleaned up. This bike was probably made by Steyr of Austria. The classic sears logo on the top tube is in good shape. Pedals are made in Germany; brake made in Switzerland (weinmann)

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Ben said...

Hi, I just found one of these at a yard sale, love it. I am looking for an owners manual or repair manual if you know where to find one, please email me at ben.ruesga at gmail.com I would appreciate it! It is identical to yours and complete so I'm pretty excited. Thx.

Osgood Templeton said...

I do not have an owners manual, the there is not much to do with these bikes other than service the hub. If it comes to that, you could substitute a sturmey-archer quite easily. Let me know if you have specific service questions; my brother and I have about 6 of these. They are great bikes.