Tuesday, June 29, 2010

1965 Raleigh Sports

Here is a pic of my 1965 Raleigh Sports. I found this bike rotting in a garage amongst a pile of others. Someone had painted it all silver, including the rims and tires to use as either advertising or art. Anyway it was completely stripped, sandblasted and epoxy painted in a red that is sort of close to the original hue that the 65's came in. The spokes were cut out and the wheels rebuilt with Wheelsmith Stainless 14 gauge. The stickers were made using Windows "Paint" program and printed on water slide decal paper which you can now buy at Staples. The saddle is a modern Brooks (of course) and all brake shoes cables tires brake levers and grips are new. The generator set is an NOS unit from 1967. I wanted to have a "new" three speed that looked old. So before anyone trashes me for not using all original parts, keep in mind it was more of a rescue mission that a faithful restoration project. It is about 98 percent done. I still need some chain guard mounting hardware and the little thing that keeps the shifter cable from slipping through the cable clamp on the top tube. I also put on a large 22 tooth rear sprocket so I can climb hills. It is a fun ride and an even more fun project.

PS My other two 3 speeds (posted Jan 2010) have found new homes. The 79 Schwinn found a new owner here in Asheville for 400 bucks and the 1969 Gold Raleigh Sports went to the Atlanta area for a cool 500.


coastkid said...

that is so similar to my 54 raleigh sports (previously shown)
raleigh must have stuck with a proven design (thumbs up!)

RoadieRyan said...

Jim Very nice project and thanks for the "create your own decals" tip. I picked up a 1962 Raleigh sports for $20 that I will send pictures of once I get to it on the project list. Question any suggestions on a "newer" chrome pump that would fit the pump pegs on the sports or do I need to haunt Ebay for a NOS one? For this bike authenticity is not vital. Thanks for this site


MarcosLagoSalado said...

ditto "it's a nice bike"....for new pumps check the for sale section of oldroads.com--
for info: also see their three speed discussion section
under "english roadsters"--also see the "gentleman cyclist" discussion group on google
best, mark

RoadieRyan said...


Thanks for the link

Josi Bunder said...

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