Tuesday, June 29, 2010

1949 Schwinn World Tourer

Thought this bike might be a nice addition to your site. Its a mostly original 1949 Schwinn World Tourer (original except tires, and now saddle, too. Still have the correct Brooks mattress saddle, but it's far too uncomfy for the lady). This was a step above some of the other ladies models because of the DynoHub and saddle bag (which is sadly long gone). I am the third onwer. Previous owner told me that the tires were replaced in 1963 or so (this was told to him by the original owner, who purchased the bike in '49), but the original tubes were retained (they still ride fine!). All decals are in wonderful shape, SA shifter still works flawlessly, the bike rides silently and smoothly. Even the DynoHub still works perfectly, and the lights both light up.

This bike is my girlfriend's bike, a companion to a 1946 Schwinn Continental that I ride on occasion.

More here.

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