Monday, January 18, 2010

1972 and 1973 Raleigh Sports

I was in your shop last week to get new tires for my bike. Here's some pictures of our Raleigh Sports. As near as I can tell, they are both late '72-early '73 bikes, judging by the serial numbers. They were both Craigslist finds.

We wanted to ride bikes for fun and excercise, and the junky, uncomfortable mountain bikes we had weren't much fun to ride. After some cleaning, lubing, tires, tubes, and new brake pads, the bikes were on the road. I fitted the Pletscher racks and set them up with baskets and saddlebags. I fit a 20T cog for my wife, and tried a 21T cog on mine to ease the gearing. I've been riding my bike to work 2-4 days a week for the past six months.

We're already looking forward to the 2010 Lake Pepin Three Speed tour.


John McCann said...

Gotta love craigslist. I found all 4 of the bikes I've rennovated on c's list! Great lookin' pair. Enjoy Lake Peppin!

Kyle said...

I just bought my fiancee a '72 Sports from a guy off CL for $80. She loves it! Anyways would you happen to know if & where I can find another factory air pump that came with the bike? Her's is broken so it just sits on the bike for decoration haha.

You can check out her bike and updates as I am working on it on my blog.

sueapat said...

I live in southwest Virginia, Grayson County. I have a Phillips 3 speed bike that I bought in Pennsylvania about 30 years ago from a Mennonite gentleman who had a bike shop. Now, I'm in the mountains in the Blue Ridge. I recently had the bike tuned up in order to ride it the New River Bike Trail. I would like to hear from someone that could restore it. Doug, Ice House Bike shop doesn't restore, just tunes up bikes. But, he says it's a good bike. I love the ride on this bike.

Anonymous said...

@ sueapat -- I might suggest that you put togther a good selection of photos of your Phillips and upload them to Join the flickr interest group at: and post your photos and inquiry there. Without seeing detailed pics of your bike, it's difficult to recommend a restoration path.