Monday, January 18, 2010

1954 Raleigh Sportster

heres a 1954 raliegh sportster 3 spd which my friend gave me,it was his grandads,who bought it new from a raliegh dealer in cockburn street,edinburgh,the frame still has the sticker on the frame,it has a 53 dated hub but i believe its a 54 as half chaingaurd and no red pinstripes on mudgaurds,it also has a smiths aftermarket speedo,hub gear driven which needs a new cable,apart from that rides as good as new...bruce


firefly said...

It is a '54 if it has the "2030 steel tubing" diamond sticker on the seat tube and the old-style frame lugs. The '54 is one of the easiest Sports models to identify due to the fact that it was the first year of the 2030 Diamond sticker and the last year of the old plain frame lugs.

See the Raleigh visual ID page for more info:

firefly said...
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