Sunday, October 18, 2009

Pair o' Huffeighs

A Completed Pair:

I've recently finished restoration on a matched pair of 60s-era Huffy Sportsman 3-speed bikes. The womens bike was located in Dayton, OH and the mens bike was purchased in Lancaster, OH. The date codes on the Sturmey Archer hubs show the mens bike as 1963 and the womens bike as 1964. I originally planned to restore the womans bike and keep it, but once the mens bike became available, I saw a chance to give a unique wedding gift to my nephew and his fiance--- they'll be married in early October. If you spot the newlyweds pedaling the streets of Cincinnati, say, Hi!".

Readers can find a full set of photos at:

John in Ohio


Charlotte said...

That is the most romantic wedding gift I can think of, you're a wonderful uncle.

Lucky kids!

John said...

Thanks for the kind words, Charlotte. The young folks were married on Oct. 10 and the bikes were well received. I dropped a hint or two that some pics of the newlyweds with their bikes would be enjoyed by blog readers and flickr viewers.

Ed said...

Nice wedding gift. Hopefully someone will also give a couple locks. I like the spelling y/eighs for Huffeighs. !

Kent said...

Where did you get the new shifter cables? I have a couple of sportsman 3 speeds that are a carbon copy to those.

John McCann said...

Kent-- There's sourcing info for all the parts I needed on my flickr gallery: