Friday, September 11, 2009

John's Schwinns

There seems to be a shortage of Schwinns on the site. By reading I've learned a lot about Raleighs and their ilk, but to me the Schwinns are just plain prettier. I think the site needs some color; hope my lightweight three speed Schwinns add some.

The blue Speedster is from 1977 and Lincoln, Nebraska. It was very clean; it seemed to have hung in a garage for most of its life but one year. The head and bottom bracket were completely frozen and just needed a good cleaning and greasing - easy on a Schwinn.

The red Racer is a 1968 and from suburban Denver. It had been used and had more modern brake pads. Well taken care of and ready to ride, I got it last November.

Of course these have Sturmey-Archers three speeds and 26 inch Schwinn steel rims.

Maybe the Raleighs have something going for them; they're classic British and certainly designed for serious adult usage. But Schwinns have wonderful, bright colors; are pretty durable themselves with unique electro-forged frames; are examples of proud Chicago manufacturing and German heritage so I like them best.

- John / Cheyenne -

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johnfmccann said...

Luv those Schwinns. I've found the 3 speed community to be generally inclusive of ALL makes and countries-of-origin. That, in fact, is why I'm drawn to these great old 3 speeds, be they 'Nottingham marks', or Schwinn, or Huffy, or Columbia or Dutch Gazelle or German marks etc.

I suppose what does separate us just a bit is when we're in quest of parts that are particular to a certain design.