Wednesday, June 10, 2009

1971 Triumph

This is my 1971 Triumph. When I bought this bike she was in pretty rough shape. The original rubber block pedals fell apart within a couple of days, the original Brooks Mattress saddle was nearly broken in half, and the front wheel had a nasty bend in the rim. I have put on a Brooks B-17, MKS touring pedals with MKS clips and leather straps, and elk hide leather grips from Velo Orange. I also flipped the original northroad bars since I'm used to riding in dropbars and this gives me a slightly more aggressive riding position. With the rear rack and basket, this has become my day trip and camping bike. I routinely ride her to a blufftop winery off the Missouri River that is located on the Katy Trail.


Anonymous said...

I did the exact same thing to mine, except instead of brown grips and honey brooks I did black. Mine's a Raleigh. I'm going to add pictures pretty soon. There's quite a few people doing this. There were bikes that came this way too (you probably know).

If this becomes the next fixie, I'm going to start rollerblading.

Charlotte said...

That's my kind of bike! Gorgeous.

vanessa said...

really really nice work.