Thursday, June 25, 2009

1970 Hercules

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This is my 1970 Hercules 3 Speed. I paid $37 dollars for it...sort of. I found a clean Schwinn ladies 10 speed and swapped it with a neigbor for the Herc. I cleaned and oiled the bike, adjusted the brakes, shifter, chain tension and read Sheldon Browns page on English 3 Speeds. I added the Wald Basket and Pletscher Rack for getting groceries. The paint and chrome are very clean and yes those are the original Dunlop tires and tubes.
Paul in Ohio


spiderleggreen said...

Slick bike! I love the seat.

Dr. J said...

I'm just in the process of trying to acquire this same bike on craigslist-will involve a bit of a road trip, but the bike appears to be in excellent condition for its age. The chainwheel design is different tho...