Wednesday, June 10, 2009

1957 Three Spires

Hi Jim!

I really liked looking over your Old Three Speed Gallery. A friend tipped me off when he saw the pix of the Huffy Sportsman by Raleigh.

I wish I were better at photography, but I sent you a link to some pix of my Three Spires 3-Speed anyway. Bought it for $40 last week.

My bike was in grubby and greasy original condition and I think very lightly used. The rubber on the pedals is pristine. Each one clearly bears the Raleigh Industries logo, which is repeated all over the bike. The Dunlop tires were in fair shape, but the rear tended to lift its bead off the rim, so I've upgraded to a used gumwall on hand. The original gray rubber grips had congealed into a real mess. Other than the grips and the rear tire, it's all original. After a good cleaning and lubrication it works great.

The 26 X 1 3/8 Dunlops bear the precise inflation instruction: "Inflate Hard."

Of interest is the SA type SW 3 speed hub, with wider range than the AW. This one works perfectly. It's a delight to have the wider range.

Stock rear is 18T. I plan to try out a 20T and 22T rear to see how that feels. I have a 20T on my 1960s Huffy Sportsman, also by Raleigh. That's my in-town stealth bike for use in downtown Boston. DK the Huffy's true year, since I upgraded the very rusty rear wheel before I knew about date coding on SA hubs. It's always there when I return! I've had that one for about 20 years, since rescuing it from the curb on trash day.

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