Wednesday, April 22, 2009

1963 Huffy Sportsman

I loved looking at your 3-speed gallery and thought I'd send along some pics of my 1963 Huffy Sportsman made by Raleigh. It was given to me and only needed to have some steel wool taken to the chrome, a wax job, new shifter, cotters, tires, tubes and cables and fresh oil in the hubs and bottom bracket. My son helped me and learned about the history of these all steel bikes as we disassembled and reassembled it. The old fellow rides like a dream and is really comfortable!

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spiderleggreen said...

Were Huffy's originally a British bike, or were they made for an American market? I don't know, Huffy just doesn't sound British, too me.

Jim Thill said...

Raleigh made these bikes for Huffy for several years. They are similar, if not identical, to other British 3-speeds of that period.

(PS: this blog doesn't discriminate against old 3-speeds based on nationality)

Thom said...

I've got a 1955 Huffy/Raleigh Sportsman that I call a "Huffeigh" and I'm helping a friend restore a 1969 Huffy Sportsman, also made by Raleigh. It must have been a good 15 years at least that Raleigh made bikes for Huffy. There were some design changes over this period, it looks like. These were not the only Huffys on the market then, but they had Raleigh make their 3-speed "English Racer" model. Almost everything on my bike is stamped Raleigh Industries, including the chain ring, which contains the letters R.I.N. for Raleigh Industries Nottingham. See my Old Bike Blog for both Huffy/Raleigh Sportsman bikes.

jcoffininc said...

I just found of one of these and im working on it as we speak.

IM wondering if you can post some more pics of the sportsman? I want to know what the cable clips look like for the top tube. curious about the size cotters you used? Did you use a press to install them? My drive side crank is a bit loose and im thinking a new cotters are needed all the way around because i want to get in and service the BB.

Unknown said...

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