Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Raleigh with nice chaincase and top-tube shifter

From this bike's owner:

Trash rescue, had to replace saddle, tubes, tires, one brake cable, pedals and grips.

Added non-standard (transparent) pie-plate, non-standard (rectifier+regulator+LED) head and taillight.

Replaced spoke, trued wheels, rebuilt front hub.

Later had rear hub partially rebuilt, upsized the cog, and replaced the chain.
Also added a frame lock, and it no longer has toe clips.



Tom SVDP said...

I wonder why the wheels in this picture look like they are illuminated by neon lights?? Curious.

Anonymous said...

The tires have a reflective side wall. They are great for night / dusk rides.

~Mad Marty~ said...

The top-tube shifter was discontinued around WW2, and the ubiquitous trigger shifter we all know and love was introduced. Take care of that bike and especially of that shifter! Some other vintage enthusiast is likely to bring a screw-driver out and pinch it!