Friday, June 20, 2008

1961 Ranger

The date code on the S-A hub is 61. I put it on the C&V forum on Bike Forums and responders have suggested that it is a rebranded Hercules or Phillips. The guy at the fleamarket said it was a very good bike and was "made in France," as clearly indicated on the top tube where it reads "Made in England." Elsewhere on the bike are the words "Genuine English Light Weight." There's a cowboy on the badge.

I'm planning on cleaning it up next weekend and maybe even driving it to work.

Savannah, Georgia

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Anonymous said...

Awesome website and gorgeous bicycles. I work as a mechanic at Broadway Bicycle School in Cambridge (Boston) Massachusetts and we are 3 speed nuts and love fixing up this masterpieces. I am working on a schwinn for myself at the moment, as well as fixing up my father's 70s Philips.