Sunday, May 4, 2008

Early 1950s Merlin 4-speed

Early 50's build. Bob Jackson owned Merlin at the time. 531 DB tubing throughout. Prugnat lugs. Original paint and hand striping of lugs, decals. Built specifically for a 4 speed FM SA Hub. Stronglight cranks; Campy Tipo front hubs. Bleumels fenders. Original rack. Rides like a dream.
St Paul, MN


rigtenzin said...

Hey, KM! Can I buy your 4-speed shifter? You probably want to shift that old thing with a friction shifter anyway.

KM said...

sure but the bike goes with it. Kidding. The wizard is staying with me

Snak Shak said...

That's a kick-ass bike. I am guessing the bars are not original, but the paint is fabulous and the bars are great with that ride.