Friday, May 2, 2008

1963 Montgomery Ward Hawthorne

Here's my 1963 Montgomery Ward Hawthorne, which was built by Hercules. By 1963, Hercules was owned by Raleigh, which means my bicycle probably rolled off the Raleigh assembly line in Nottingham, England.

I bought it for $40. I spent about $7 on spray paint and a couple bucks for the pinstripe stickers. Cheers .

Jack D.
Humboldt County


Sigrid said...

Hi. Just saw this bike (the step through) today and got a kick out of it. When I tried to find a pic, I came across your site. Hope you don't mind, but I've linked in and used your pic. Nice work!

Anonymous said...

Cool blog!

I just bought a similar Hawthorne.
Would you consider $100. too much to pay for one in fair condition?

Would you know where I can find info on figuring out what year my bike is?


Doohickie said...

I have a cruiser-style English Hawthorne I bought to restore. It's a 1960, right at the time Raleigh took over Herc. The headbadge says Made In Birmingham, England. Since yours is different, I think it's a good guess that it's a Nottingham build.

In general the best way to date an old 3-speed is to check the hub for a date code. If it's a Sturmey Archer hub, it will have a date code like "65 12" which would mean the hub was built in December, 1965.

Anonymous said...


Jonathan said...

Bought the same bike for 20 bucks. Everything works, fun bike to ride

Brandon Daniel Williams said...

I have one for a $100 4173681071