Friday, May 2, 2008

1960 Raleigh Sports with modern refinements

This is my main 3-speed.
raleigh at minnehaha creek

a detour

I added a new saddle, alloy seatpost, alloy rims, sealed cartridge bottom bracket, alloy crank, and new Continental tires.

Jim Thill
Minneapolis, MN


Cameron said...


welcome to the fold my friend.

My Sear 3-Speed will be visiting soon.

Gentleman Scholar said...

Excellent pictures, and we can only imagine what will be up after the Tour! If I can find the benighted digital camera around somewhere, perhaps some shots of ours will make their way to your (excellent!) new blog, too.

Brilliant stuff, Jim.

freqazoidiac said...

one question, I have a canadian "GLIDER" raleigh rebrand from england, early 70's very similar to a Superbe.. what type of sealed bottom bracket did you put on your raleigh sports? I am looking to do that, as I have done some modern refinements too, the crank is currently very sound, but I go through cranks, if they are not the sealed type. Dimensions would be helpful! Great collection of bikes!!

Here is the link to my Glider :

Jim Thill said...

Raleigh brand bikes have unique proprietary thread standards, so I had to re-tap my threads before installing a modern sealed BB. Your bike, as it is not specifically a Raleigh, may require no such treatment. I used a Sugino 103 mm BB and a Sugino RD48 crank.